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I’ve always had an affinity for keyboards. From my grandfather’s Burrough’s typewriter, to my Commodore 64, to the IBM Model M, to the custom modded KBC Poker that I’m typing this entry on. Thoughout my keyboard history, you can trace a love of typing, or perhaps just pushing buttons. In late November 2012, that affinity turned into a bit of an obsession.

Instead of just being someone who types all day, I found myself facinated and drawn to all manner of mechanical switches, key caps and of course keyboards. In fact, I have three of them on my desk right now. I’m seven months into this new hobby and I’m still enthralled – so much so, that I’ve worn out the subject with all my friends and find it best to refrain from the subject.

Although I like just about any style of keyboard, this passion mostly revolves around compact sized keyboards. I have a personal blog where I wrote a few posts about this new hobby of mine, but it just didn’t feel like a good fit. It’s not like I have a ton of followers, or even an audience for that matter, but given that my interest is so specialized it felt like it needed a home of it’s own. As a result, was born.