The following are a list of compact keyboards that I know about. If you know of a keyboard that I do not have listed, please contact me. Note: I have not included ergonomic keyboards in the mix since they are unique enough to warrant their own class and will not be included in this list.

Community Keyboards

These are keyboards that were designed and produced by indivdual members of an online community versus being manufactured by a traditional manufacturer. With a “community keyboard”, members within a given community work together to design, and produce a keyboard and then sell it amongst themselves. These are typically done as “group buys”, were monies are pooled amongst particiapting members in order to reduce the cost of production. These keyboards are produces in small numbers and after all the parts are acquired, an individual will then build the keyboard themselves, or pay another member to do the work for them.

Deskthority »

GeekHack »


Keyboard Mania »

LifeZone aka LZ »

OTD (On The Desk) »



The following are a list of compact keyboards sorted by manufacturer.

Deck »

Diatec »



Keycool »

Keyboard Story

  • KS Mini (never produced only prototypes were made)

Leopold »

Matias »

Monterrey »

Noppoo »

Ortek »


Tex »

TG3 »

Vortex » Since Vortex does not maintain a web presence beyond a Facebook Page, the links to the keyboards below will be to vendor web sites.